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Rocky Mountain Shrimp Co.

Proudly growing sustainably farmed, fresh, pacific white shrimp. Family owned and operated in Calhan, CO.

It’s Great To Meet You!

We’re a family of 5 with a humble home in beautiful Calhan, Colorado. We believe in ethical, sustainable farming and aquaculture. Co-owners Jess and Ozzy met in Colorado Springs and fell in love in 2021. We decided to make our dreams come true, and with the help of Ozzy’s parents and brother, created Rocky Mountain Shrimp Co. You can follow our journey on our Facebook page where we will be posting photos and videos of our progress.

Why Choose Us?

90% of shrimp in the USA are imported and un inspected. In fact, only 2% is inspected and more than half of that number is rejected. This means the shrimp at your local grocery store may likely contain hormones and antibiotics. It also means that the shrimp you think are "fresh" could potentially be years old. At Rocky Mountain Shrimp Co, we use simple ingredients to care for our shrimp and inspect/harvest each one by hand to guarantee their quality.

Our shrimp are sold live and we do not ship.

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Our Products:

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T Shirts and Hats


T Shirts and Hats are available by request. Please reach out to us by phone or e mail for pricing and to place your order.

T Shirt Sizes XS-3XL


Q: How long does it take for a shrimp to grow?

A: It takes approximately 4 months for shrimp to reach market size. We carefully monitor their growth and weight until they are ready to take home.


Come and learn with us!

Q: What's the difference between a shrimp and a prawn?

A: Prawns are typically larger and found in fresh water. Shrimp have one pair of legs that include claws at the end, but prawns have three pairs with claws.

Q: Do you offer tours of the facility?

A: At this time, we are not offering public tours. We do offer virtual tours on our Facebook page. Our top priority is to create a clean and safe environment for the shrimp.


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